Scheduling and Pricing for Video Consulting Services

The typical private training model is to charge for in-person time with the client only. Technology allows distance learning, teaching, training and consulting. Video consulting provides more access to the trainer / behavior consultant.

Thetrainer / behavior consultant can review video and help the client refine training techniques to help achieve training and behavior modification goals. The trainer/ behavior consultant can also help determine the next criteria steps – all of which can be done remotely.

Details of Scheduling and Pricing for Video Consulting Services

  1. Initial Consult
    As with most behavior modification cases, an initial consultation is required to gather information (a behavior history) and create a treatment plan.
  2. Training Plan Development and Review
    The trainer / behavior consultant will need some time to develop and training plan and to review it with the client. This can be done via email.
  3. Weekly Support
    Clients need weekly support. This support includes time for reviewing videotape, emailing criteria steps to clients, and if necessary pre-scheduled phone calls.

Typical Weekly Support Package may look like this:

Two to Three days of contact per week / one hour a week of support:

Scheduling and Pricing for Video Consulting Services

Four weeks won’t likely be enough to wrap the case, but it will be enough to make headway and be able to more accurately predict the total time needed.  And as additional time is set up after the initial four week period, the number of weekly support hours will be able to be reduced.

Sample Package

Cancellation Policies

Consistency is the key to all training, and that’s especially true of training and behavior modification cases.  Not working a training plan regularly can result in setbacks.  Each setback increases the length of the training process and puts the dog at risk.  Thus, there is no cancellation policy.