For dog sports and other dog related activities

MISSION:  This document / agreement is written with the intent to facilitate safe learning spaces for dog sport classes and seminars, and to enhance the learning experience for all parties involved, human and canine.  This agreement defines clear structure and expectations for participants.  This document may be used for seminars, ongoing classes, or any other event in which the presenter / instructor wants to create a safe learning environment for all participants.

As advocates for the highest level of achievement in our respective journeys, the instructor and participants agree to adhere to the following guidelines;

Safety – for dogs and for people

– The environment shall be managed (to the best of the instructor and staff’s ability) so that all members of the class can learn at their best capacity.  Please note that some classes may take place in public spaces.  Thus, there may be unforeseen disruptions beyond the instructor’s control.

– Human halves of the team will be allowed to learn in an environment without critique form anyone besides the instructor (unless specifically called for by the student).

– Dogs shall be appropriately managed and confined when not working, so that the working team can be safe and undistracted.

– Participants are expected to be open and honest about their own dog’s needs and limitations, willing to proactively manage their own dogs, and in turn be respectful of supporting the learning environment for everyone. (Ex. “My dog needs space when she works, please make sure your dogs are under control before my turn.”  “My dog gets over-aroused when he sees other dogs working, I will cover him or crate out of the car.”)

Respect – all participants will respect the needs and status of others

– Instructor will make effort to give reasonably equal time to all learners.

– The instructor will focus on the team in front of them, and make every effort to treat each and every team fairly, with patience and courtesy.

– Learners will be respectful of the time, in regards to both their own working time and during and during the working time of others.  Questions outside of the realm of the topic of class, or that go beyond that learner’s designated time frame, shall be tabled and considered for later addressing at the instructor’s discretion.

– Learners at different levels, and dogs of different temperaments, will be equally treated.

– Hostile commentary or negative unsolicited feedback will NOT be tolerated at any level.

Reciprocal Involvement – instructors and students

– Active participation – Helping when help is needed / solicited

– Active listening – Supporting a healthy & safe learning environment for all

Special Thanks to Liz Randall of Dogs Abound for sharing this agreement with us.



Terms and Policies


Smrtdog class sizes are kept small to ensure individualized attention.

Class size may vary.

Minimum Class Times

What to bring to all SMRTDOG classes:



Payments are due BEFORE the start date of session 1 of class.

Payments for Ongoing/Continuing K9 Nose Work are due the last day of the current session series.


We will make an effort to accommodate you in the event the class is not right for you or your dog OR a start date is cancelled due to not enough sign ups. The payment can be applied to private sessions if necessary.


Registration is online.



Agreement to Hold Harmless Waive and Assumption of RISK.

I understand that attendance of a dog sport or specialty dog training session (“Class”) is not without risk to myself, my dog, members of my family, my friends and my guests who may be in attendance. Even with expert training, these sessions can be hazardous or risky.

I hereby waive and release Jamie Bozzi-Surmont, John Surmont, (SMRTDOG Enterprises, LLC), guest instructors, members of our family, our professional colleagues and friends, hereinafter referred to as the “Training Organization”, its employees, officers, members and agents from any and all liability, of any nature, for injury or damage in which I or my dog may suffer, including especially, but without limitation , any injury while attending or participating in any training session or any other type of function of the training organization, or while on the training venue site and on any surrounding area thereof.

In consideration of and as an inducement to the acceptance of my application for training by the training organization, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless this training organization its employees, officers, members and agents from any and all claims of claimers by any member of my family or any other person or pet accompanying me to any training session or function of the training organization or while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto as a result of any action by any dog including my own.

I further acknowledge that as part of my performing the online intake and registration process that I am of sound mind, I have read, understand and agree to these rules and terms of services as a condition and inducement for the acceptance of my application for training.