BASIC and INTERMEDIATE group classes at the San Diego Humane Society on Fridays and Saturdays. CLICK HERE to register.
ADVANCED scent work group classes with Jamie Bozzi throughout San Diego, contact Jamie@smrtdog.com.


All level group classes through Desert Recreation District (seven different locations). CLICK HERE to register.

About Nose Work

Provide an outlet for your dog’s energy and natural drive! Have fun, engage your dog’s mind, build confidence, provide exercise and create training opportunities! Instead of nagging at your dog to stop sniffing, here’s a chance to learn and understand the unique qualities of your dog. There are four elements of K9 Nose Work™:
containers, interiors, vehicles and exteriors.
(No previous skills required for dog or handler).


All dogs work one at a time and will be crated during their down time. It is important for dogs to rest, as scent work is mentally and physically challenging.

Dogs must be capable of handling confinement during the class, either crated away from handler or in a properly equipped vehicle, weather permitting. (Need help crate training? See our Crate Games Workshop!)
No dogs with any aggression towards people.

K9 Nose Work™ is great for all dogs, young or old. It is simply a great activity for you and your pup, or, if you’re interested in competing, you can! All age groups and physical abilities can participate in scent work: blind, deaf, senior dogs or dogs with physical handicaps may participate.

For more information, check out K9 Nose Work, as well as, the National Association of Canine Scent Work™.

Check out the 2012 article in SD Pets magazine on K9 Nose Work!

K9 Nose Work™ – BASIC – Intro to Search

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. This class focuses on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of food, toys and exercise. Dog & handler teams learn how to perform basic container and interior searches.

K9 Nose Work™ – INTERMEDIATE – Intro to Odor

Prerequisite: K9 Nose Work™ – BASIC – Intro to Search

This class advances the dog’s scent discrimination skills. Now that the dog clearly understands that he is hunting and searching and can work independently, odor is introduced. Dogs are taught to identify odor (a natural essential oil scent), and alert the handler to the exact location of the odor. Dog and handler teams practice and perform container and interior searches and are introduced to vehicle searches.

K9 Nose Work™ – ADVANCED – Continuing Nose Work

Prerequisite: K9 Nose Work™ – INTERMEDIATE – Intro to Odor

Dogs are now able to correctly identify odor and alert handler. Dog/handler teams continue to work on improving communication during searches – techniques and tactics are introduced for building better dog/handler teamwork. Dog and handler teams practice and perform all the search elements: container, interior, vehicle and exterior in various indoor and outdoor locations.

K9 Nose Work™ – Preparing for an ORT

Prerequisite: K9 Nose Work™ – ADVANCED Continuing Nose Work

This class is designed to prepare dog/handler teams for an ORT (Odor Recognition Test).

Dogs must pass an ORT for all three odors before they can compete.

ORT’s consist of a 12 container search. All ORT’s are done on leash. The container search is simply 12 boxes with the odor taped to the inside of one of the boxes. Dog must correctly identify and communicate to handler the location of the odor (which box contains the odor). Handler must understand how to read their dog’s body language (know when the dog is in odor), and correctly call the alert (the location of the odor) to the judge.

This class helps improve:

K9 Nose Work™ – Private consultations available

Check out this great article: K9 Nose Work:Letting Dogs be Dogs

Nosework Schedule

Smrtdog offers privates for all specialty classes. Privates are $150/hour. $75 for 30 minute sessions.