Frank Miller K9 Scent Detection Workshops

Please call for pricing and availability.

Workshop groups are treated like quorom’s and each class sets its own learning objectives from the below list of topic Area’s:

– Working multiple rooms, including blank rooms
– Having the confidence to call finish
– Using your body to support the dog whether you are searching on or off leash
– Elevation
– Inaccessible
– Converging odor problems
– Decrease wandering through a search area (keeping your dog in the search area too long) and being more confident
– Extended searches / building endurance
– Leash handling (casting and scanning)
– Variability in training for scent work
– Judges perspective

Open to the public – Yes
But limited working spots (only 10 per day)
Several audit spots

Jamie Bozzi (CNWI)

Workshop Schedule

To Be Announced.
Please contact us for more info.