Control Unleashed

Although this class is listed under specialty classes it is actually NOT a training class. This is a behavior modification class. It is not listed under the Private section of the website, because this class is not for dogs who have abnormal signs of fear, anxiety or aggression. This class is designed for dogs that are good with dogs and people, but have trouble focusing and have issues with impulse control.

This class is designed to teach dogs how to relax, focus and work off leash reliably anywhere, including stimulating or stressful environments. It’s designed to teach dogs how to control their impulses when excited. Almost any dog can benefit from the techniques learned in this class. In addition, this class is appropriate for dogs who might feel overwhelmed in other classes, including:

– Dogs that are easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating

– Dogs that are uncomfortable or unable to work off leash around other dogs

– Dogs that are reactive or easily aroused (but not aggressive)

– Dogs that are anxious or stressed out and shut down

This class is a behavioral program, designed to help your dog become more comfortable in his world. Many of the core exercises are based on the principles of desensitization and counter conditioning. While this is not an obedience program, it can prepare your dog for success in an obedience class in the future.

Crates are required for the Control Unleashed class. If your dog hasn’t been crate trained yet, see Crate Games Workshop. Crates are wonderful management AND training tools.

Control Unleashed Schedule

Smrtdog no longer offers group classes. However, Smrtdog does offer privates for all specialty classes. Privates are $150/hour or $500 for 5 one hour sessions. $75 for 30 minute sessions.